A Beginner’s Guide to Schedule Post in WordPress

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Do you want to schedule your posts in WordPress? If yes, you aren’t alone as it helps in publishing your post within the given time. Scheduling your post is a cool feature that comes with WordPress website. If you’re a beginner, this blog will be helpful to learn to schedule your post in your WordPress website.

Reasons to Schedule Your Post in WordPress
Most of the users love visiting websites in a particular part of the day. But if you live in a different time zone from your readers, it creates problems. If most of the users love visiting the site at 3 am, scheduling your post at this time proves helpful.

Scheduling your post can be helpful if you’re in a vacation and you don’t want to miss publishing time of your blog. The feature of scheduling your post in WordPress enables to stay ahead of your time. Utilizing this feature help you can schedule articles and blog to be published automatically in your preferred time.

If you’re done writing your post, you will get an option above publish button which reads “publish immediately”.


Follow the above steps essential to schedule your post in WordPress.

Users prefer reading content at a consistent time. For instance, if you schedule your post at 7:30 am, users can read the content in morning while drinking coffee. Posting your blog at this time at regular interval helps in keeping your readers loyal to your website. Changing your post time, you may lose readers as they will search other blogs posting at this time. So, it is important to maintain an exact expect time for reader with your post.

I hope the blog will be useful for you scheduling posts in your WordPress website.