Best way to manually update WordPress Plugins via FTP

Are you willing to learn the best way to update WordPress plugins via FTP manually? Your website can be broken at times with the failure of 1-click WordPress plugin update. And if this happens, the only solution you have is to fix it through a manual update of the plugin.

Here, we would like to show you how you can manually update the WordPress plugins via FTP without even getting your website broken.

Why should you opt for manual Update of WordPress Plugins?

You will find WordPress that may come with an already built-in system for managing core, plugin updates and theme. Here you go on reading to see the details guide of updating the WordPress plugins. The only thing you require is clicking on the update link. It will then update your plugins. However, you need to be careful little because of the possible failure of update caused by incorrect file permissions, incorrect version number and due to server configuration factors as well.

In case while updating if it gets interrupted in the middle, then you will have a broken site. Then you will find “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance error, internal server error and syntax error”. Hence, you have the only option of fixing it through manual updating of WordPress Plugin via FTP. It is only after doing it manually that you will be able to fix those errors and start using the latest version of the plugin.

Learn how to get a manual update WordPress plugins via FTP.

Firstly, you download the latest version of the plugin which you want to update. If it comes free, you will be able to download it for free from the plugin page.

However, in case the plugin comes with a premium, you will be able to download the latest version from certain particular plugin’s website. And for that, you require logging into your account and download it to your computer which will come in .zip files. You need to get them from the zip files.

The next, you will require FTP client though you can use any FTP client based on your preference but here you find us using FileZilla in the example. After that when you look into connecting your website using FTP, for that you are required to put the name of your site in the hostname along with your FTP username and password. In case you forgot your FTP username or password, you can find them in your email which might have been sent to you by your website hosting company the time when you signed up. You will surely find FTP username and password in your email.

In one way, you can also get the information in cPanel dashboard of the hosting account you own. Right after connection to your website via FTP, you require going to /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

You will find different folders meant for all the plugins which you installed on your WordPress site. Now, you right click over the plugin which you want to update and then choose “Rename”.

Then you can rename your plugin by adding -old to the old plugin folder name. For instance, wpforms-old. After that, you will require downloading of your renamed folder to your computer as a backup. Doing it will help you in getting back again to the old version if you need it.

After your download of the old plugin to your computer, you can delete it from the website when you feel it is of no use.

You also can make sure the plugin is deactivated in the database of WordPress. And while doing it, you require to login to your WordPress admin area visiting the plugins page too.

An error will appear that plugin has been deactivated due to an error.

Meanwhile, you have removed the old version, and it is the time for you to install the latest version of the plugin. Now proceed towards switching to your FTP client and under the section of ‘Local’, you find out and locate the new plugin folder on your computer. After that, you can right-click and choose ‘Upload’ from FTP menu there.

You will find FTP client starting the transfer of the plugin folder from your computer to your website.

Once it is done, you can get into your WordPress admin area through login and go to Plugins page. Now you require to find out the plugin that you installed and get it activated.

Now you can check the updated version of your plugin ensuring everything is working well and correctly. This is all, and you have updated your WordPress plugin via FTP. It is important for WordPress security to be kept updated using the latest version of the WordPress. And it is also equally significant that WordPress plugins, as well as theme, are kept updated.

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9 Features to Consider Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a suitable WordPress theme for your business? If you’re, good news for you as WordPress has tons of options for every industry operating in the market. But, it doesn’t mean you can buy any theme. The theme which worked for others may not be suitable for your business.

So, how can you find the right one to make your dream site?

The decision of buying a theme needs to be taken after prolonged research and analysis assessing features based on your goal. Your choice for the good theme should contain features that you would love to have on your site. Otherwise, your site won’t look good and will lack necessary functionalities if these applications aren’t available.

Want to know which are the important things you should look for in your premium theme? Find out below:

  1. Buy Simple Theme

Many WordPress themes come with colourful layouts, flashy animations, etc. In most of the cases, you don’t really need these things. Don’t compromise usability and simplicity for something glitzy. The primary purpose of web design is to help users in finding the information they are looking. In this case, theme presentation style should not be overcomplicated. If a theme just looks great and doesn’t bring users and subscribers, then it is not a good theme.

  1. Compatible

Internet users use different browsers. There are chances of some things not working properly in some browsers. Most developers use browser compatibility testing tools and test their themes rigorously. Browser compatibility is described on theme’s website. It is always advised to check or verify the theme on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and others. Check the themes on mobile browsers as well.

  1. Page-builders

You can easily create page layouts using drag and drop interface using Page builder plugins. Numerous premium WordPress themes come with pre-installed page builders. A lot of unwanted code can be avoided at the time of building landing pages using page builders. Page builders can be purchased separately and used with other themes too.

  1. Responsive Design

It is important for your theme to adjust according to the screen size of any device. Many users are using handheld devices, and a significant number of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile friendly sites are shown on the top of Google search results. You need to make sure that the theme you’re using is mobile friendly.

  1. SEO Friendly

WordPress themes play a major role in SEO friendliness. Poorly coded HTML can affect the site’s performance on search engines. Hence it is compulsory to look for SEO compatible them to get priority from search engines. SEO can help in bringing high web traffic. Don’t forget to look at the SEO compatibility before buying any theme.

  1. Support for different plugins

Plugins assist in making anything possible with your WordPress site. The real power of WordPress lies in its plugins. Make sure that your theme supports popular plugins and you can also ask the theme developer about it.

  1. Support Different Languages

Many websites are created in various languages other than English. There are plans for users to turn their site into a multilingual site for users around the world. Make sure that your chosen theme is translation ready to be able to serve users from any part of the world.

  1. Support Option

While some theme developers provide support to their users, there is no assurance by most of the theme developers to provide support in future. You either figure the problem with the theme on your own or pay some third party to clean the mess. Most premium WordPress themes come with proper documentation and e-mail based support for one year.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

The theme user base provides essential reviews for other people. You can even see customer reviews on the third-party marketplace for WordPress themes. There is a rating section just below the download button in free WordPress themes. Read the reviews carefully before opting for any theme for your website.

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5 Best WordPress Themes for Building Educational Websites

A flawless website attracts numerous people. The looks of the website give it a distinct advantage to attract people. The primary purpose of the theme is to guide new visitors in an orderly fashion. Visitors should be able to reach from one page to another in a natural flow. Educational websites need a different theme. A theme where visitors can easily search their course and absorb knowledge without any hassle. WordPress with its amazing developer community made great themes, especially, for educational websites. Here is the list of best educational themes for WordPress users.

  1. WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

WPLMS isn’t just a WordPress theme, but it is a complete eLearning suite. It is designed especially for the academy, university, school, training centres, corporate training, course tutors, and MOOC platforms. The theme is designed for course, student, and instructor management. You can create and sell your course online easily. WPLMS is a robust, flexible, and scalable platform used by start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. There are 700 design options and eight demo sites in the suite. You can easily import all the data in one click. You can check out performance statistics of students and instructors and show them on leaderboards. The theme got all the widgets necessary for an educational website.

  1. Education WordPress Theme – Education WP

Education WordPress Theme is specially made for courses hub, LMS, Training centre, colleges, academy, educational web, kindergarten, etc. The theme contains all strength of eLearning WP with better user interface. Th educational theme is developed based on LearnPress. It is trusted by more than 12000 schools and educators around the world. It has easy to drag and drops course builder. The theme is developed in a way to deliver perfect SEO solutions. The theme comes with payment gateways and contains WooCommerce for secure transactions. This theme can build a learning community with BuddyPress. It is among the best educational themes offered by WordPress community so far.

  1. Academy – Learning Management Theme

Academy is better suited for sharing and selling knowledge online. The learning management system makes it easier to teach everyone online. There are some excellent features like the rating system, extended user profiles, file attachments, embedding self-hosted media, course progress trackers, question systems, WooCommerce integration and much more. There are numerous theme options and extended features. The support forum and team behind the team are active and helpful.

  1. Peekaboo for WordPress – Children WordPress Theme

Peekaboo is responsive theme specially made for schools and daycare. There are rich and simple to use features in the theme. The features are designed to give control and flexibility. It is equipped with all the tools needed to make a school or small business website. The theme got advanced theme options panel with the unlimited colour scheme. There are features like flex slider, orbit slider, shortcodes, update notification tool, Foundation framework, etc. The theme is built with SASS and COMPASS such that anyone can easily customise the whole theme.

  1. Grand College – WordPress Theme for Education

Grand College is counted in the list of best themes for school, colleges, and even educational business. It is a clean and modern theme with the well-crafted design. The user can change every element and colours through the admin panel.  The user can choose from 450 fonts, and unlimited sidebar options can be created. The user can also translate the whole page from admin panel. There are SEO options for the site such that user can help search engines to analyse the site.


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5 Best WordPress Themes for Building Health and Fitness Websites

Websites are an effective tool to market and promote your brand. It is the best way to take your business to the next level. Creating a website is not such a problem nowadays, thanks to custom-built WordPress themes.

The global health and fitness industry worths $81 billion in revenue and growing at a rapid pace. Are you looking to build a site related to health industry?

There are specific premier themes that come with advanced features to counter problems faced by fitness and gym management services. Here is the list of most popular themes dedicated to health and fitness industry’s sites. (more…)

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5 best seller themes for tech corporates and startups

Technology corporates and startups alike are using WordPress themes nowadays. It is in-line of experts advise to use premium quality themes – to enjoy advanced features and unmatched customising ability. Using an ordinary site isn’t easy, the website should be attractive and possess features preferred by targeted audience to gain your business goal.

Looking to make a technology website for your business? Here is a list of five premium quality WordPress themes that can be aptly used for all kind of tech companies.   (more…)

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Review of “Evans” the 4.8 Version of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System available powering over 25% of total online websites. As a user, it is necessary to keep updating features to improve performance and protection from vulnerabilities.

The latest WordPress version 4.8 is released on June 8. It has been named as “Evans” honouring the famous jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans.

Wondering what is new in this new version. Read this review to find out the improved features and add-ons.

WordPress has added more ways to express yourself and illustrate your brand in this latest version. The contributors have developed this new version keeping you in mind. There are link improvements, three new media widgets, updated text widgets, and a new section in the dashboard which brings all the information regarding nearby and upcoming WordPress events. Let’s uncover them one by one.

Find Out the New Widget Updates

Image Widget
The task of adding an image will be easier. You don’t need to type code anymore to add an image to a widget. This simple task is achievable by every WordPress user now. For that, you need to insert your image right within the widget settings, and it will appear automatically.

Video Widget
Similarly, you can quickly add videos to the sidebar from the media library with this new widget. Now, you can add your latest videos or greet your users with a welcome video on the intro page conveniently.

Audio Widget
Faced problems in uploading audio files on the site? Not anymore, it will be easier to add a widget to your audio file. Just upload the audio file to the media library and select the audio file in widget settings. It will be a great tool for musicians and podcasters.

Rich Text Widget
Rich Text editing capabilities are added for text widgets. You can easily format the widget anywhere on the site. Insert links or create lists with the new formatting powers in a short amount of time.

Link Boundaries
In previous versions, updating and editing text around a link was frustrating. The text before and after link always ended up getting connected somehow. The process is streamlined and links work well with this new link boundaries feature.

WordPress Event Nearby
The thriving offline community of WordPress organises group meeting regularly in more than 400 cities around the world. This new dashboard helps in informing events so that you can meet new people and improve your WordPress skills. All nearby upcoming WordCamps and official WordPress meetups are displayed in this new feature. Just log in to your dashboard and get all the information of local events near you.

Good News for Developers

Access More Admin Panel Headings
Extraneous content is no longer needed to be included in the admin area headings. The experience of people using assistive technologies has improved with these panel headings.

Core Support for WMV and WMA Files is Removed
The file formats which require Silverlight plugin are withdrawn from the core support since few browsers support Silverlight now. Files will no longer embed automatically, but they will be shown as a download link.

Multisite Updates
New abilities have been added in the latest version with consideration of removing calls to is_super_admin(). New hooks and tweaks are added to control site and user counts per network.

Text-Editor JavaScript API
In this version, a new JavaScript API for instantiating the editor after page load with the addition of TinyMCE to text widgets. Add an editor to any text area and easily customise it with functions and buttons.

Media Widgets API
Further, you will find a new base media widget REST API schema in the latest version. It opens possibilities for more media widgets in the future. A shared base class powers three new media widgets and covers interaction with the media modal. This common base class makes it easier to create new media widgets and makes way for more.

Customizer Width Variable
In the Customizer sidebar, new responsive breakpoints have been added making it wider on high-resolution screens. It should use percentage-based widths instead of pixels.

This WordPress 4.8 has got many improvement and added features that will definitely win the heart of users. Share your opinions about this with a comment below.

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