Free WordPress Blog Installation/Setup

Are you passionate about writing, helping internet readers in your niche, and making money online? Start with a blog, you will be fulfilling all these goals from one single platform – your blog.

Yes, it’s a proven method to make money online and at the same time it helps you follow your passion in the best and the easiest manner. Easiest – is it really? Not 100%. It needs three things to succeed as a blogger online, and they are – an optimized blog website, consistency, and analysis.

free-wordpress-setupIt all starts with a strong, compatible, and optimized blog. In the next step it needs consistency in writing regular and interesting blog posts in your niche. In the third and final step, it needs research and analysis of your present performance. In the absence of any one of these three you may fail as a blogger.

I am here to make your first and one of the most significant steps easier. I will help you setup a free blog that will obviously be the first and step leading for you to be a successful blogger. 

Choose the WordPress Platform for your blog, and I will install and will do all the needed setup for your blog free of cost. Why? Why am I going to take that pain without any benefit to me? Hold on, it’s not free actually. But still the best part is that you do not pay me any penny for setting up your website. How?

For this thing to work, you will need to host your website through my referral. You will be referred as a customer to the hosting company, and you will buy it form them, they will pay me for this referral.

It’s WIN WIN WIN situation. You have two benefits – you get hosting services for your website at an insanely discounted price, and secondly, your website is set up free of cost.

For me, I get paid by the hosting company for referring you as a customer to them.

And, finally the hosting company gets a customer from my referral. So in all, all three parties involved get benefits for this unique relationship. But, you get the maximum benefit of it.

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The steps are simple. Click the the button below and buy the hosting. Once you are done. Get back to me, and use the form below to submit the information they gave you. I will setup your website within 72 hours. Once your website is live and optimized to perform better, you can change all your login credentials to make sure I do not have any access to your website 🙂 . It’s that simple.

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