A Guide to Add Custom Navigation Menu in WordPress Theme

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Want to add custom navigation menus in your WordPress theme? Most of the WordPress themes come with pre-defined menu locations and layouts by default. In this blog, we will see the procedures required to embed navigation menus in WordPress theme.


When Do You Need this WordPress Navigation Menu tutorial?
Almost all WordPress themes come with a spot to display site’s navigation links in a menu. This menu item can be managed from a user interface present in your WordPress admin area.

This tutorial has been generally made from DIY users building a custom WordPress theme or for those who want to add more menu locations in the existing WordPress theme.

After knowing the real importance of this tutorial, let us start now.

Create Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress Themes
A navigation menu is a special feature of WordPress theme. Every theme can set their own menu location and menu support.

First, you need to register your new navigation menu by adding this code in your theme’s functions.php file in order to add a custom navigation menu.


For that, visit appearance >> menus page in your WordPress admin. Now, try to create or edit a new menu. There you will find “My Custom Menu” as theme location option.


You need to use the below code if you want to add more navigation menu location:


After adding the menu location, add menu items in WordPress admin following the steps needed to add navigation menus for beginners.

Now, move to next step to display men in your theme.

Display Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress Themes
Display the new navigation in your WordPress theme. The header section of a website is the common place where navigation menus are placed just beside title or logo.

But, navigation menus can be added anywhere you want.

Now, add this code in your theme’s template file on which you want to show your menu.


In the previous step, theme location is the name that we have selected.

Your navigation menu will get the container class of CSS class and it will appear as a plain bulleted list on the website.


Apart from that, you can use CSS class. custom_menu_class to style your menus. Below is an example of CSS which will help you to get started:


Creating Mobile-Friendly Responsive Menus in WordPress

As there is an increased use of mobile devices, you need to make mobile-friendly menus adding popular effects.


Slide out effect, dropdown effect, and a toggle effect can be added in mobile menus.

Navigation menus are powerful web design tool used by designers. Menus help in pointing users to the most important sections of the websites. Users using WordPress can particularly use navigation menu more than just displaying links in your menus.

I think the blog will be useful for you to add navigation menus in your WordPress theme without any problem.