How to Make Updates in Live WordPress Posts?

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Do you want to make edits in your published WordPress posts? It happens when you’re rewriting an old article or updating the outdated version in the content. Whatever the reason may be, users often find it difficult to make edits on the live post. In this blog, we will see how to make edits in the live published post on the WordPress site.


Problems Face by Users in Updating Live Posts
Creating posts and making edits in posts are very easy in WordPress. Edits can be made wherever you want, even after the post going live. But, while editing the live post, saving isn’t possible until it is finished. This is because saving the live post will make changes visible quickly.

Certain problems may arise in this situation, especially if you’re on a multi-author WordPress site as approval is needed before going live. Sometimes, you can’t finish the needed changes in a single session.

To avoid this problem, simply copy a post and paste in a new draft. Edit the draft and then paste back into the original post.

In this process, you can’t set or make changes in the featured image, Facebook post thumbnail, tag or categories, etc. It means all these changes need to be made on the live post only.

And if you’re facing any one of these problems, this blog will prove useful to you.

Below, we’ll see how to properly update live posts to save and make necessary changes without affecting the live version.

Properly Updating Live Posts in WordPress
First, you need to install and activate the Revisionize plugin. Follow the step by step guide needed to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation of plugin, visit Posts>> All Posts located in your WordPress admin. It is the place where you will get the list of your published posts and drafts.


Select the post where you want to make edits click on the mouse with the Revisionize link. It will create a new revision of already published posts by cloning the existing ones.


Now, you can make editing in the posts like in any unpublished draft. Save the changes made without affecting the live post.

Review the changes made for their approval. You can use the public post review to share it with other people.

After completing this, click on the publish button. Now, the plugin will replace your live post with the current version.

What happens to the draft?
It is saved as a revision draft to reuse it whenever you need to edit the same published post again.


I think the blog has proved helpful for you to learn on how to properly update live post in WordPress site.