Review of “Evans” the 4.8 Version of WordPress

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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System available powering over 25% of total online websites. As a user, it is necessary to keep updating features to improve performance and protection from vulnerabilities.

The latest WordPress version 4.8 is released on June 8. It has been named as “Evans” honouring the famous jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans.

Wondering what is new in this new version. Read this review to find out the improved features and add-ons.

WordPress has added more ways to express yourself and illustrate your brand in this latest version. The contributors have developed this new version keeping you in mind. There are link improvements, three new media widgets, updated text widgets, and a new section in the dashboard which brings all the information regarding nearby and upcoming WordPress events. Let’s uncover them one by one.

Find Out the New Widget Updates

Image Widget
The task of adding an image will be easier. You don’t need to type code anymore to add an image to a widget. This simple task is achievable by every WordPress user now. For that, you need to insert your image right within the widget settings, and it will appear automatically.

Video Widget
Similarly, you can quickly add videos to the sidebar from the media library with this new widget. Now, you can add your latest videos or greet your users with a welcome video on the intro page conveniently.

Audio Widget
Faced problems in uploading audio files on the site? Not anymore, it will be easier to add a widget to your audio file. Just upload the audio file to the media library and select the audio file in widget settings. It will be a great tool for musicians and podcasters.

Rich Text Widget
Rich Text editing capabilities are added for text widgets. You can easily format the widget anywhere on the site. Insert links or create lists with the new formatting powers in a short amount of time.

Link Boundaries
In previous versions, updating and editing text around a link was frustrating. The text before and after link always ended up getting connected somehow. The process is streamlined and links work well with this new link boundaries feature.

WordPress Event Nearby
The thriving offline community of WordPress organises group meeting regularly in more than 400 cities around the world. This new dashboard helps in informing events so that you can meet new people and improve your WordPress skills. All nearby upcoming WordCamps and official WordPress meetups are displayed in this new feature. Just log in to your dashboard and get all the information of local events near you.

Good News for Developers

Access More Admin Panel Headings
Extraneous content is no longer needed to be included in the admin area headings. The experience of people using assistive technologies has improved with these panel headings.

Core Support for WMV and WMA Files is Removed
The file formats which require Silverlight plugin are withdrawn from the core support since few browsers support Silverlight now. Files will no longer embed automatically, but they will be shown as a download link.

Multisite Updates
New abilities have been added in the latest version with consideration of removing calls to is_super_admin(). New hooks and tweaks are added to control site and user counts per network.

Text-Editor JavaScript API
In this version, a new JavaScript API for instantiating the editor after page load with the addition of TinyMCE to text widgets. Add an editor to any text area and easily customise it with functions and buttons.

Media Widgets API
Further, you will find a new base media widget REST API schema in the latest version. It opens possibilities for more media widgets in the future. A shared base class powers three new media widgets and covers interaction with the media modal. This common base class makes it easier to create new media widgets and makes way for more.

Customizer Width Variable
In the Customizer sidebar, new responsive breakpoints have been added making it wider on high-resolution screens. It should use percentage-based widths instead of pixels.

This WordPress 4.8 has got many improvement and added features that will definitely win the heart of users. Share your opinions about this with a comment below.