Top Methods to Disable Search Feature on Your WordPress Website

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Do you require disabling the search feature in WordPress? Sometimes search feature does not need on the site and such search feature may even interfere the user-friendliness of the website. In this blog, we will discuss how you can disable the search feature in the WordPress.

Who and why to disable search feature in the WordPress?
Most of the WordPress websites are quite simple business sites having only a few pages. There also came a trend of one-page websites having vertical navigation. These are the websites that do not have much content, and that makes the search form a novelty item. It cannot be taken as a useful feature.

Most of the online visitors visiting the websites take the impression that there may be some other information which they are unable to see. So, this is the reason why search option is right at there. Once you remove that search feature, it will clean up your website and further make it friendlier for users.

Here is how to remove the search feature in WordPress.

Method 1. Use a Plugin for the removal of Search Feature in WordPress

This way is easy and hence recommended for all having websites in WordPress. So, getting back to action, the first thing one requires doing is to install and activate the Disable Search plugin. So, here has a look at the details given step by step guide how to install a WordPress Plugin successfully.

The plugin will work out of the box, and hence, no settings will be there to configure. Once it is activated, the search form would be removed from the WordPress theme disabling the search widget. When anyone directly tries to enter the search query URL, the plugin will display a 404-error page.

The plugin will not affect the search functionality inside the WordPress admin area. But one can still search inside the WordPress admin the posts and pages.

Method 2. Manual Disabling of Search Feature in WordPress

In this method you need to add code to your WordPress files. In case you have never done it before, you can have a look at how to copy and paste the code in WordPress. You will be required adding this code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin.

This code will be merely redirecting all the direct or indirect queries of search to 404 page. And the search form in your WordPress theme will get hidden.

We hope and believe that this article will be of immense help to learn how to disable the search feature in WordPress.